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New Patch – 6.86 – Balance of Power!

So 6.86 just came out for the test client and how excited was everybody for seeing Pit Lord or Arc Warden get released. Well they released Arc Warden and lots of new changes. New Creep Camps, new pull times, terrain changes, 6 new items and even 5 heroes got some […]

Reborn replacing the Source 1 engine soon

So with Reborn hitting the main client soon what are your thoughts about the new client? Everything looks and feels different – even last hitting seems to be harder to accomplish than on the vanilla client. I really enjoy the vibrant colors and lots of little new additions in the […]

Back to Beta guys! Dota 2: Reborn is out!!

Yesterday around midnight a patch happened called Dota 2: REBORN.   The dev team of Dota 2 created a whole new UI which looks very slick and modern. Probably League of Legends players coming over to join the Dota Ranks because of that. You can find lots of new threads […]

Doto gameplay 6.84 1

ziehmlich krasse neue Items und Item-Upgrades… Sowohl was für Carrys als auch Supporter dabei!! Schau ma mal was des werd… Patch notes: Dota 2 Blog


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